Sunday, August 13, 2006

High Times reporter Preston Peet on Ibogaine

See, the main reason, besides simple curiosity, for wanting, needing to try ibogaine, is that I have a major pain problem, for which I'm prescribed 12 Dilaudid 4s and 2 30-mil MS-Contins a day but I'm going through way more than that, having to spend $80 every three weeks to see my pain specialist to refill my prescriptions for years now, steadily increasing the amounts of narcotic opiates I take, spending literally hundreds of dollars every single week on pills, pills, pills, legal heroin in pharmaceutical-grade purities and measurements, knowing exactly what I'm getting and how much of it I'm doing. It's not been a short while that I've been at this point where no matter how many more than prescribed I shovel into myself, I cannot get rid of the pain, nor am I even getting high anymore.

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