Friday, January 08, 2010

Lynette Williams singer and songwriter

Lynette Williams is a singer songwriter with a beautiful voice that&aposs been known to bring folks to tears. Her song writing is unique, simple, joyful and abstract. Her sound is a mixture of tock, folk and jazz with a little twang and indie soul.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

911 Attacks on WBAI

Newscaster and host Paul DeRienzo joined by Marjorie Moore and activist Dana Beal announce the attack on the World Trade Center while live on WBAI-99.5-FM on 911September 11, 2001. WBAI's studios at 120 Wall St. are just a few blocks from Ground Zero.

Elliot Madison Busted for Using Twitter

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Elliot Madison alleging he used Twitter to direct the movement of protesters and inform them about law enforcement actions at last month's summit. FBI agents later executed a search warrant at the 41-year-old's Queens home.

Peter Lance on Emad Salem's 9/11 conspiracy

The jailing of Lynne Stewart by a federal appeals court in New York City puts Peter Lance's work in perspective. Hear the man who says Sheik Rahman was guilty. Hear the tape of the government's chief informant in the case. Then listen to Lynne Stewart in her own words in Stewart's ground breaking interview with Joan Moossy of Let Them Talk. This is an interview conducted by Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy of 9/11 researcher and author Peter Lance. It contains a snippet of an audio tape made by a confidential informant Emad Salem of his dealings with the FBI.

Exclusive: Paul DeRienzo Sr. on Three Mile Island

The real story behind Three Mile Island by one of the chief engineers involved with the plants planning and construction. Paul DeRienzo Sr. discusses the last minute changes by Pennsylvania power authorities that may have contributed to the accident. This is the first time the real inside story of the Three Mile Island has been told.

Sarah and Emily Kunstler on their father William Kunstler

Filmmakers Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler explore the life of their father, the late radical civil rights lawyer. The most hated and most loved lawyer in America according to the New York Times.

Elissa Stein co-author of Flow, The Cultural Story of Menstruation

A hip, hilarious, and truly eye-opening cutlural history, menstruation is talked about as never before. 

Priya Warcry on activist Jeffrey "Free" Luers release

In June 2001, 23 year-old forest defense activist Jeffrey "Free" Luers was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for the burning of three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's) in Eugene, Oregon. To make a statement about global warming. Their stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs play in that process. No one was hurt in this action nor was that the intent. On December 16, 2009 Jeff was finally released from prison after serving 9.5 years.